Training plan week 21 March 2011

Include on your weights DB chest press (try on a SB but carefull with your hamstrings), chin ups and one arm DB shoulder presses. Do again 3 laps to Richmond: 2x TT and 1 recovery in between.

Training schedule 14 March 2011

This is my training plan for this week. Simple but the aim is for more hills


4h ride to be done. Try 3xlaps to Richmond as 2 TT and 1 recovery in between. Don’t forget the weights.



Training sessions 28 February 2011

Time to increase time on the saddle. We will keep the weights but lets going to step up the weights to 8-10reps:
1xweight session  1x3h hilly ride (if unable to go to surrey you can do kingsto hill in richmond) 1x4h more flat kind of ride. If you’ve got problems with the time, let me know.

Coach Fran

Week 3: Training Plan

Your work outs for the week:
Mon 5 july  swim as 200m wu/2x500m as 500 race pace (30) 500 easy/200m
30mins easy run
Tues 6 july  outdoor bike ride as kingston hill repeats: 1lap to the park easy then 5 hard climbs recovering on the downhill.
Wed 7 july  1h 30min race pace run (keep the form)
Thurs 8 july  if you’re very tired from tues and wed take it off, if you’re ok 30mins easy swim
Frid 9 july  45mins hard run as 10min wu/ 30min faster than race pace/ 5min cd
Sat 10 july  off
Sun 11 july 3h bike ride (race pace as much as you can although use first 20-30mins as and easy spin)

Week 5and 4: Training plan

As we have agreed, priority to the run and then do as much as you can or you feel:

Mon 21 june off

Tues 22 june  2h 50mins run at race pace

Wed 23 june  3k swim as 1k slow/1k race pace/1k slow  (1min rest)

Thurs 24 june  6h bike ride+15min brick run race pace.

Frid 25, Sat 26, Sun 27 june off

Mon 28 june run 25mins easy/1h race pace/20mins easy

Tues 29 june  swim intervals as wu 200m/ ms 20×100 fast (30secs) try to keep good form/ 200m cd

Wed 30 june  bike ride intervals as 1h easy spin/1h aero riding as close as you can at 85% MHR/30mins moderate/30mins easy

Thurs 1, Fri 2, Sat 3, Sun 4 july off

First 2.5 hour run, 4km swim and 5 hour bike ride

I was looking forward to this weeks training as I was starting to train the bigger distances and I wanted to know if my body would remain pain free.

The run was first and, as it is my weakest discipline, I was not sure how the legs would cope. I finished a day of work and raced home to start running. I think working all day and not eating well at work can make the run difficult because my energy levels are lower.

In the first 1.15 hours I focussed on keeping a race pace to avoid my hamstrings getting tight early in the run. I ran from Putney to Ealing Broadway and felt good. The outside of my knees were getting tight but I kept the pace going and my legs were  not getting worse.

I was feeling good with 10mins left to run so I started to run faster. This was a big mistake as a muscle in my right foot cramped. It felt like tearing in my foot and I was concerned it was my plantarfascia. I slowed right down and kept a slow jog to see if it would wear off. It lessened enough for me to hobble home and I wanted to make sure there would be no long term problems. Being a physiotherapist has it benefits at times like this and when I assessed it I could see it was only a muscle cramp as I first thought. With Massage and rest it would ease out completely. The next long run is next week and I plan to take it slow all the way home.

The swim was at the Lido pool in Tooting Bec. I chose to swim here because it was 90 metres long and I could wear my wetsuit in the pool. I trained at the end of a days work and was tired getting into the pool. I also had to rush to get there before it closed and it was not ideal mentally or physically to train in this state.

I got in the pool and it was cold. I had 44 lengths to swim and even though I had a wetsuit on I could feel the cold right through it. To make 44 lengths mentally smaller I counted the first 4 lengths down to zero and then divided the last 40 laps into 4 sets of 10 laps.

I was swimming slowly and I wanted to feel relaxed and focus on my technique. Other swimmers were passing me and it was really disappointing but I stuck to my plan. By the 34th lap I was feeling the cold and I did not kick much to save cramping in my legs. I finished the 44 laps in 1.26 hours. I called Emile my swim coach as this was much slower than I anticipated. He said it was a good time and he could check my technique and work on kicking more to help me go faster. There is still time to improve my swim time with 5 weeks to go before the Ironman. The wetsuit rubbed excessively on the back of my neck and left skin abrasions. I have put savlon healing cream on the damaged skin and hope it heals fast before my next swim. I have Glide to put on my skin in the next swim. This helps reduce friction with the wetsuit.

Today I rode 5 hours and then ran 30mins. Got lost heading to Windsor and back to London but got there in the end. The last 1 hour was tiring and I could feel my legs were aching. The run went well and I had energy after finishing so I was happy. I kept a slow pace throughout the ride and this allowed me to complete the entire ride comfortably.

The discipline that causes me the most pain is the running. I will see next week how my legs cope with a 3 hour run. I am still enjoying the training and the enormity of the race still is in the back of my mind.