Official Switzerland 2010 results for Rhys Chong

Rhys at the Switzerland Ironman Event 2010

Rhys Chong

1066 37 London SUI GB Physiotherapist
1:17:11 6:31:59 4:59:51 12:55:45 1688 384
TOTAL SWIM 3.8 km (1:17:11) 2:01/100m 1266 304
BIKE SPLIT 1: 90 km 90 km (3:08:34) 28.64 km/h
BIKE SPLIT 2: 180 km 90 km (3:23:25) 26.55 km/h
TOTAL BIKE: 180 km 180 km (6:31:59) 27.55 km/h 1701 396
RUN SPLIT 1: 10.1 km 10.1 km (1:06:35) 6:35/km
RUN SPLIT 2: 20.7 km 10.6 km (1:15:19) 7:06/km
RUN SPLIT 3: 31.4 km 10.7 km (1:16:53) 7:11/km
RUN SPLIT 4: 42.1 km 10.7 km (1:21:04) 7:34/km
TOTAL RUN 42.2 km (4:59:51) 7:06/km 1688 384
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 2:39

Torn wetsuit and biggest week of training

This last week has been tough as I had to fit the longest distances in my training into three days. I have been on a course the last 3 days of the week and therefore I had to get the training in before it started.

The 2.50 hour run went well. I had one day to recover from the 5 hour bike ride and 30 minute run. I was not sure how my feet would respond after 2.30hours running. I paced myself prefectly and my return run back home was 20minutes faster. I circled Putney for 20 minutes before finishing. My right foot started to spasm half way around the course but I mentally relaxed my foot and I was able to complete the run with no problems.

I completed the 3km swim in the 90 metre pool in Tooting Bec. It was hot day and  getting into my wetsuit was tough. It felt really tight and on pulling hard on the leg of the wetsuit I ripped it. I covered the skin on my neck as it was still raw from my previous swim.

The rip on the leg let water into the cell wall of the wetsuit and I could feel the right leg was not lifted in the water as much as the left leg. I felt good in the swim and swam strongly. I completed the 3km swim in 57minutes but the skin on my neck had been rubbed again by the wetsuit.

I have made a decision to look for a new wetsuit and will go to Sigma in Kingston to check if they have new styles I can try. I must get this in the next two weeks to practice before the race.

The 6 hour bike ride and 15 minute run had to be done before work. I started at 3.45am and went to work at 12pm. It was a beautiful morning and seeing the sun rise in Windsor was a highlight of the ride. I had a friend join me for the last hour of riding and this helped me have a strong finish. The run afterwards was a smooth transition and my legs felt good after the first 7-8 minutes of running.

I am glad I got through all the training that my coach set. My body has felt tired for the last three days and I have had less concentration and been lethargic most of the time. I see this as my body accommodating to the training and I must rest properly and eat well. I know I will learn about wetsuits and how to fix tears after ripping my wetsuit. This will be a good skill to have incase it happens before race day.

The next week is speed work and I feel ready for it but want to rest well next weekend. I have not got long to go before the race and I am looking forward to putting all this training to the test.

Week 6 Training plan

Email from coach Fran..

Good ride today, but remember that it was harder than race pace and I was pulling you all the time. Good effort though.
This is going to hard week so you will have two days off:

Mon 14 june: 45mins easy run

Tues 15 june: turbo session as 20min easy 90RPM/20mins hard at 60RPM/20mins easy at 90RPM

Wed 16 june: 2h 30mins race pace run (hydrate and eat)

Thurs 17 june: off

Fri 18 june: 4k swim at the Lido (with wetsuit)

Sat 19 june: off

Sun 20 june: 5h bike ride. Most of it race pace although after 2h or so if you arent taking any hills accelerate for 15-20mins and try to keep the high speed. Don’t do more than 3 of those. 30mins brick run off the bike.

Week 7 Training plan

Time to pick up training again athlete. Remember the chat we had yesterday though.

Tues 8 june: 1h 20min outdoor bike ride as 20min easy wu/ 40mins race pace/ 20min easy cd+15mins easy brick run off the bike

Wed 9 june: 2h run. I need this run to be done as close as you can and for as long as you can keep to your race pace.

Thurs 10 june: swim as 200m wu then 3x500m at race pace (1min rest)/ 200m cd

Frid 11 june: off, relax and hydrate

Sat 12 june: interval run as 20mins easy/20mins 85% MHR/20mins easy

Sun 13 june: 4h bike ride with me.

Week 8 Response to first week back to training since Middle Distance Triathlon

This week has been a week of slow return to training. I was surprised my coach set the week being so easy on the training. My bike needed repairs and he did not want to risk further damage to the bike so had me training on the turbo trainer.

I have been feeling good in my body after the middle distance triathlon. I am trying to catch up on sleep slowly. My appetite has been good and I have been eating well. The alkalising of my water and the antioxidants are helping me feel alert and healthy in my body.

I have swum 1500m in the swimming pool and I am working on my technique especially when I tire. I learnt during the race 2 weeks ago that when I am tired I lose my efficiency in the water so I am emphasising my technique when I am tired.

I am resting over the weekend as I am on a physiotherapy course in Leatherhead. It is great to be able to sit and relax with no urgency to do anything while I am here. I think these times are needed when training hard. Rest makes me perform and better and I feel get more out of my training.

I sense the next few weeks are going to be much harder and I am preparing myself mentally and physically.

I would also like to work with a mental coach now. When I was in the middle distance race I found my mind wondered when I was on the bike and also during the run. It would be good to have visualisation and incantations to use during these times.

I am also refocusing on my nutrition. I am aiming to eat carbohydrates in the morning and lunch and have salads with protein in the evenings.  It has been difficult not bending to chocolate. If I have the urge to eat chocolate I will have food immediately to stop the desire for the sugar.  Still needs a change of focus when I still want to eat sugar foods.

I am ready for the hard training to start.

28 Weeks to go: Program from coach Fran

We are going to try as follows this week and see how your leg goes:
Mon 11 Jan  45mins easy run. Do it indoors as you may still catch some ice outside.
Tues 12 Jan  turbo trainer session as follows: 10mins wu and then 2x20mins at 70-75% MHR (5mins easy in between to recover) 10mins cd
Wed 13 Jan  weight training session (as usual though we will need to catch up end Jan to change exercises) and a swim with Emile drills (catch up with him to review your form and then I can start working on more especific programs)
Thurs 14 Jan  35min moderate run. Try it outdoors if weather conditions are better by then.
Fri 15 Jan do tues 12 turbo session and after swim (Emile drills again)

Sat 16 Jan off
Sun 17 Jan  2h 30min outdoor bike ride (if weather still bad we will need to change this session)