Rhys Chong is a Physiotherapist based in London and has been practicing for 23 years, specialising in sport and spinal physiotherapy. In 2010 he completed his first Ironman Triathalon in Zurich, Switzerland after 12 months of training. He is now known as ‘The Ironman Physio’, supporting first time Ironman athletes.

The clinic, Physical Edge has pioneered a transformation in postoperative recovery of the spineknee, shoulder and hip and the team  are committed to the continued development of the recovery process.

Postoperative recovery requires teamwork, with the client as an active member of that Team. At Physical Edge, the Team identifies what stress needs to be relieved, both physical and emotional, and then using combined skills and the knowledge acquired from working with a multitude of post-operative clients, the Team do the little things which make the biggest difference.

The Team goal is to ease your pain, get you moving and back to normal life and full mobility as fast as possible. If you are committed to do what it takes to achieve your postoperative goals, Physical Edge can help.


Here is a list of our most common treatments. If you want more information please be in contact www.physical-edge.com or admin@physical-edge.com



Physical Edge created the Optimum Post-Operative Recovery Blueprint (OPRB), which was designed to optimise results following an operation. The steps involved in OPRB are outlined below.