Sheron Wray – Jazz Dancer
“The treatment I had with Rhys Chong enabled me to work again without the pain and restriction that was seemingly chronic in my hip. The rehabilitation has enabled lasting stability and a return to my full range of movement.”

Henriett Tunyogi – Ballerina
“As a ballerina my body requires special care. My body was really exhausted after an extended time of constant traveling and per­forming with daily 5-6 hour rehearsals. I had pains everywhere.

Luckily I met Rhys Chong, who perfectly understood my problems. After the first treatment I felt great relief. Following a few more my body was reborn. I regained the feeling of total freedom in my dancing. So I can whole-heartedly recommend Physical Edge to everybody and to my colleagues who need special care.”

Nicola Sacher – Creative Director
“ ‘Torturer’ the first words I uttered after treatment 1 with Rhys Chong. ‘Brutal’, ‘Mean’, ‘Cruel’ and ‘Insane’ all followed. Privately I feel freedom restored inside my body and call him my ‘Saint’.”

Kate Ginn – Secretary, Author & Lecturer
“Balance between mind, body and spirit is vitally important if I am to be able to do all I want to do each day. However, the reality is there are times when I don’t express my emotions well or I overdo something physically and I find myself feeling out of shape both physically and emotionally.

This is when I go for physiotherapy with Rhys at Physical Edge. At my sessions Rhys assists me by getting my body back in alignment whilst also listening with compassion to my endless chatter about where I am stuck before encouraging me to seek solutions.

He is a practical, caring health practitioner and I really enjoy my physiotherapy sessions with him because I leave there feeling lighter in all ways and ready to take on the world again … until the next time …”

Marko Stojanovik – Strategy Analyst

“I am writing this short letter of recommendation to describe the outstanding treatment I have been receiving from Rhys.  I recently completed a bike ride for a charity in France that was 375 miles long over 5 days. Due to my lack of training and preparation, I started to feel a sharp and severe pain in my knees only after the 1st first day of riding. It is not something I’ve felt before, and when I arrived at the hotel, my only thought was to call Rhys and hope he would be able to help – note that I called well outside of working hours. To my surprise he answered his personal mobile and we spent about 30 minutes going through my condition. I was even more surprised when he managed to diagnose the problem over the phone and knew exactly what I needed to do to reduce the discomfort. I followed his clear instructions and advice throughout the journey, and although the pain would occasionally return towards the end of each day, I managed to continue cycling and complete the entire ride at a reasonable pace considering my situation. I know for a fact that if I did not talk to Rhys and receive his advice, I wouldn’t have continued after the 1st day!  Thanks for all your help Rhys and continue the excellent work!”


Darren Milne, Age Group 4th Worlds best Olympic distance triathlete  Testimonial – from his newsletter

“Starting with the good stuff, the body is working near perfectly again. Rhys Chong (Physical Edge, South Ken) is quite simply the best physio I’ve ever seen. Clear rapid diagnosis and direct feedback given to coach and sports masseuse all on the same day…that is what all physios should be doing! The knee is not   quite 100% but well on the way. The back feels good, so does the shoulder, just got to keep it like that!”


John Sutcliffe – Editor, BBC Global News

I broke my ankle in two places in April 2011. For the last six months I have been receiving Physio from Rhys Chong. From the moment I started treatment I could not have received better treatment anywhere. His method has been a mixture of encouragement and excellent advice regarding what I should be doing on a daily basis at home.  There has been a marked improvement in mobility and general ease of walking since I began my treatment. My ambition six months ago was to return to the tennis court and, six months on, Rhys has helped me to achieve that goal. He has been tremendous and I could not recommend him more warmly to anyone who has undergone a major bone operation and who needs the very best physio available.


Riccardo Marino   – Italian high performance Ironman and Personal Trainer A huge thank you to Rhys, the best physio I met in my life because after three months I finally did interval training with incredible new energy!!!!! 10 x 1000m at 3 minute 40 second pace easy with no pain at all!


Louise Banks   – New Business Development Manager

I was recommended to go and visit Rhys by a personal trainer from the gym.  After not being able to train properly for three months and the pain in my hamstrings and gluteus was getting considerably worse, I decided to book in with Rhys for some assistance.
After having a few intensive physio sessions with Rhys I am now able to train properly and  can run again without experiencing any pain or discomfort.  His technique and stretching exercises are the best and he really helped me to get back up and running again (literally)!
I would definitely recommend Rhys to anyone that has any kind of injury as the methods he uses really do work.  I have been recommending Rhys to some of my Iron Man friends and he has already started treating them.


Laura Guida – Patent and licence management executive

A friend recommended that I see Rhys Chong as I had been suffering from ankle and foot problems for a few years and walking was quite painful. Rhys was patient and thorough, attentive to the detail so as to get to the root of the problem.  Therapy sessions were very helpful and in combination with the advice and exercises I have found great relief.


Marko Stojanovik – Strategy Analyst

I would like to provide a short testimonial of the first class treatment that I have been receiving at Physical Edge by Rhys.
I’ve been having problems with my right shoulder for several months now and tried a lot of different ways to get better. I initially tried reading articles on the internet and hoping to find someone that would have the answers. However I slowly realised this is not the approach to take. I then decided to see a physiotherapist, and after visiting a number of different physios in London I began to realise that I was not improving even though I was doing all the exercises I was given. It seemed to me that the physiotherapists could not see what was wrong with me, and where the pain was coming from.
I was then referred to Physical Edge by my colleague, who was extremely happy with the treatments he has been receiving there. I decided to try my luck, and during my first 30min, I realised that Rhys definitely knows his stuff. He quickly realised that my whole body posture was wrong and that my right shoulder and ribs were not aligned properly. Over the course of 4 weeks I improved dramatically. I have been doing the exercises that he recommended and as a result my rib cage, shoulder blade and related muscles have slowly returned to their correct positions. The pain is almost gone, and I am slowly going back to swimming and playing football.
I strongly recommend Physical Edge. At least go for one session and see for yourself.


Robert Norton – CEO, Digital Media Business   I’ve met many physios and Rhys is among the very best.  He is smart, thorough, attentive and takes the time to really listen to the issues at hand.  Like the best, he is commited to relieving pain and getting you back in top form.  Thank you Rhys!


Marina Nola – Senior Project Manager

I went to see Rhys with a foot injury that threatened to stop me from running the Berlin marathon that was just 10 days away. Rhys conducted a thorough assessment and quickly established the root cause of my injury rather than simply treating the symptoms. Rhys gave me an action plan to follow over the course of the next 10 days to give me the best shot at rehabilitating sufficiently to enable me to start and hopefully finish the race. I followed the rehab plan Rhys gave me and my foot got better each day. 10 days later I lined up at the start line of the Berlin marathon with 40,000 others – over the moon to be there but a little nervous about how my foot was going to hold up. 26 miles later I ran through the Brandenburg Gate and down the home straight to the finish line under my target time. It was an amazing feeling. Thank you so much Rhys for helping me complete the race! Looking forward to working with you on my longer term rehab plan.


Emma Pratt – Account Director, London advertising agency   Rhys has been my physio for four years now and I know whenever I go to see him with whatever back related problem I may have that he will quickly get to the root cause of it, treat if effectively and have me back on my feet and pain free quicker than anyone else I have ever seen.


I am a very active person and regularly dance and play tennis so it is important to me that I recover quickly from injuries and have full mobility. Rhys is fantastic and setting the right exercises to help with rehabilitation and it’s amazing how much they help and what a difference they make to reducing pain and making a full and speedy recovery (I have actually just done mine before writing this!).


It is always difficult to find the time to fit in the exercises though and they can seem a chore at times but Rhys always emphasises the importance of them so I try to do them rigorously and have even been known to pack tennis balls and exercise tubing in my suitcase and taken them on holiday with me so I can ensure I’m doing my bit to support the work Rhys does in the surgery. It really does make all the difference and I’m always amazed at how quickly and well my condition improves when I combine the exercises Rhys sets with the treatment he gives me.


Andrew Shelton – TV commercials Producer     Just to let you know that you worked your magic on my left shoulder… it feels so much more normal and relaxed and no pain/tension! It hasn’t felt so fluid in ages! Also the plaster I wore felt great, really warm and comforting!  Didn’t want to take it off! (but have done now) So many thanks for sorting me out!


Karen Kaldezar – Director

WOW, my back is not hurting and my stomach is flatter. The exercises seem to be working. Thank you so much.

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. After years of regular back problems and many visits to many different “experts” , Rhys was the first person who took the time to really sit down with me, study my habits and identify the root cause of my pain.

    Subsequent to his treatment and making the recommended changes to my daily routine I have been pain free….18 months already.

    Rhys takes a genuine interest in his clients, is very positive and an excellent attitude and most importantly really knows his stuff.

    I would recommend him to anyone.

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