London Triathlon Show 2018

I went to the 2018 London Triathlon show and to support Tom Frearson and his team at Trifactor coaching. Tom is there to reveal his high quality triathlon and endurance sport training camps outside of the U.K. The camp in Mallorca looks incredible. It differs from other camps, as the facilities are high quality, and so is the measuring of performance and personalised training. It was great to be there and Tom had me take on his Watt Bike challenge, which  nearly killed me. It required 30 seconds as hard as you can, to measure your Power output to body weight. I am proud to say I topped the rankings after my performance, but there were only two others who had been tested and the real athletes were yet to come.
I took the opportunity to look around the Triathlon show. It has been a few years since I had been to the show. The displays were very impressive. Of course the bikes just look incredible. Zwift is there for some fun and Watt Bikes Atom is beautiful to look at, even though it is a stationary bike.There was the usual clothing and nutritional products. All very nice and I think the quality is there to see.
It was interesting to note several stalls selling audio equipment. Mainly earphones for training. There is one company which uses vibration from outside of the ear to transmit sound. I had a listen and personally preferred the ear plug to be in my ear.Other more specialist stalls had Prescription sports eye wear and unique safety lighting designs.
The company with the most unique product offered covers for bikes. They were like a Spider-Man suit over the bike. They were  designed for protecting the bike against scratches and the car from being covered in mud or oil. You could get your own design embossed on them.  Look very cool.The show had all the big players showing their best products. It was worth a visit to check out what is new in Triathlon.

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