Recovery in Sport: Less than ideal week

This weekend we had our first football match of the season. The lead up to the weekend was not ideal. I had not eaten enough due to work commitments and I bought ready made food to eat on the run.

I did not get to the bike shop to buy my OTE carbohydrate bars and alkalising water was only done the day before the match.

I played a full 90 minutes. The first half was good, but the second half I could feel myself tiring. My legs did not cramp. I made sure I drank my rehydration electrolyte.

After the match, I drank my recovery drink, but, I could feel my body wanting more food to eat. I had no OTE carbohydrate bars and a 25 minute drive home.

When I got home I was starving and the food available to eat included chips, fish fingers, chickpeas (spiced) and eggs. No vegetables or salad were available to eat. The family sat down to eat and I ate as my body felt it needed food.

After such a heavy meal we all felt tired. My body felt heavy, lethargic, and sore from the football match. To compound the load on my body, I did not get a chance to ice bath, alkalise my water or put my recovery leggings on.

I think my body was not recovering well, with the food I was eating or the lack of alkalising, or acute muscle trauma care. I do not want to feel like this again.

In the match my fitness in the second half has to improve. I will plan what I will do during the week to help. I hope I get fitter the more I play. I have not got the speed of the faster players. I will look at working harder on fitness and the speed I can generate.

This week is important to have optimal nutrition and alkalise my water. It was interesting to compare how I felt, after having 2 weeks of good rehydration and nutrition, and then having a down week.

Preparation is important all week, pre match and post match.

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