Recovery in Sport: Rehydration and Recovery fuel

In my first training session in football I assessed my rehydration and recovery nutrition. I had just purchased OTE products to test.

One of the selling points of OTE branded products is great taste. I know the products I have continued to use in the past always taste great.

I filled three 500ml sports bottles with water. Each bottle had its use; water, electrolyte (OTE electrolyte tablets) and SIS recovery drink. I took the water and electrolyte bottles onto the training ground and kept the recovery drink in the car.

Before training I liked to sip from the electrolyte filled bottle, but mainly drink from the water bottle. Half way through training, I preferred to drink the electrolyte. I think this was mainly because of taste. My body wanted to drink flavoured water. Even after training, I still preferred the electrolyte drink.

I drank my recovery drink 5-10minutes after training finished. I was unsure if a recovery drink in water would taste very nice. Normally I used almond milk instead of water. Surprisingly, I enjoyed drinking SIS recovery drink in water. It was very easy to drink, nice texture and flavour. I also ate an OTE Duobar (carbohydrate bar) to increase my uptake of carbohydrates post sport.

I continued to rehydrate intermittently with water at home, after having a shower. I ate lunch and waited to see how I felt.

Under normal circumstances, where water was my only rehydration strategy, I felt very tired after training, mentally and physically, sometimes to the point of falling asleep.

With a busy family life, sleeping was not an option. In fact I had to play with the children, help my wife around the house, and get ready for activities in the afternoon.

I noticed with the above rehydration strategy, I felt hydrated, stayed awake, and had the energy to be with my family. I did not get the post match slump. I did eat more lunch than normal. Maybe I needed more carbohydrates post training.

This was a great first test of recovery nutrition and I am interested to see if the effect on my body is consistent over time.

Next is to add compression recovery leggings.


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