Recovery in Sport: Planning to perform at my best

I have bought 2XU MCS compression leggings and recovery leggings, SIS recovery drink, OTE and Nuun Electrolyte and recovery products, and Sun warrior protein powder. All these above products are ready to use and I will give you feedback on my testing.

My plan is to play 2 hours of football, followed by tennis, and a club cycle ride the following morning. I want my body fueled and hydrated, with energy to perform at my best.

I know my fitness will need to improve, along side other elements of recovery. I have started strength training in the gym and flexibility work (use the Truestretch at work). I have started preseason training for football and playing tennis. I have yet to attend a club cycle ride. I can feel my legs are heavy from endurance training as an Ironman. I will train my body for speed and agility in football and tennis.

At this stage I want to have a recovery action plan that suits my physical needs. I do not have a scientific lab to take Physiological tests, but I do know when I perform at my best, consistently, and I will be documenting what I do. If I can do this through my own experimentation, maybe others can learn from my mistakes and break throughs.

I look forward to keeping you updated on my progress.

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