GIFT: week 33 Impingement of the hip, Quadratus Lumborum, breathing, nutrition, basketball and cricket

This week we were given fantastic techniques to help with Femoral Acetabular Impingement and how to moblise the hip joint. The techniques were based on the principles of rotation and translation of the hip joint. If the femur does not move smoothly under the pelvis and the pelvis does not move smoothly over the femur, in particular, in the planes of internal rotation, flexion and adduction, there is an increase risk of impingement. The techniques used bands to slow down motion of the distal segment to increase joint range of motion.

We also looked at the Quadratus Lumborum or the back abdominals. This muscle is enveloped by the thoracoumbar fascia and runs in an anterior to posterior direction, from the 12rib and T-processes of the lumbar spine to the iliac crest. This muscle is lengthened and shorted at the same time, with movement in different planes. This again is an example of econcentric contractions.

Breathing and nutrition has been introduced this week. The body is very asymmetrical but in the end balances itself out e.g. the liver under the right lung makes the diaphragm bigger on this side. The left side of the chest cavity has the heart. There are two lobes on the left lung and three on the right. We will look at how these asymmetries will influence breathing later in the series.

Nutrition is highly contentious and there is not one way which is right for everyone. There is a book called the Diabetes Diet and introduces the concept of controlled carbohydrate diets. It appears carbohydrates need to be controlled if we want to keep blood sugars level and maintain or lose weight. Interesting theories to test.

There were webcasts on basketball matrices and cricket biomechanics. It is getting interesting with a variety of sports now being discussed.

Another great week of information

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