Starting again with nutrition and building motivation

I had planned on starting the thrive diet but work got so busy and I have found getting the food I need and having it available at the right times was a block to building momentum. I also found there was a lack of variety in my diet and to learn more recipes took time and energy.

I have done blood analysis almost 8 years ago and now I am seeing brochures of people bringing this into mainstream commercialism. I know poor nutrition, stress, and exercise will reduce cellular function in my body. The idea of attempting to stick to this thrive diet was to see how I got more energy from it and looked healthier.

I have to admit vegetarians look skinny and their skin does not always glow with vibrancy. Some I know seem to compensate the missing variety in their diet with chocolate and cheese. They seem to eat more than is healthy for them and I wonder if this is the body saying it needs more of a food group vegetarians are not giving their body’s.

When I have tried eating vegetarian in the past I have lost a lot of weight. My body has a high metabolism and working as a physiotherapist increases this throughout the day. As an Ironman my physiological testing showed high fat burning at the heart rate I sustain when I am working. Whenever I add exercise  to my work I lose even more fat and can look too thin.  No two people have the same fat burning capabilities and I have found what my body does to help shape what I will do with my nutrition.

My purpose for getting back on track with alkalising my body is to see what happens to my weight, energy levels, how I look, and building an athletic body by training in the gym. I am about to have a baby in 2 weeks and my long distance training days are over at the moment. I have decided to switch to developing a good looking body (body I am happy to have) which has energy and is sustainable. The training I will do is gym training with a small amount of cardio training to enter a team triathlon this year on the 27 May (Nuffield Triathlon).

I will endeavour to document weekly but with a baby this may vary from time to time.

I want to help people by describing what happens to me as I go through the next 30 days. This has been difficult for me to do in the past and I know a lot of my clients have the same blocks to achieving the bodies they desire. Some people have personal trainers to motivate them and keep them on track. I want to learn how to make this create this change in my life even though I work full-time and am about to become a father.


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