8 hour bike ride and feeling great

It is 5 days since I got back from Portugal and a cycling training camp. I had an 8 hour bike ride to do and thank goodness I had my coach and an Ironman athlete to train along side. I started just before 7.30am and finished at 15.45.  We rode to Box hill and joined several of the routes we know.

My legs were particularly strong and after riding up the hills in Portugal the hills in the Surrey were much easier to climb. I used all the skills I learnt to pace and ride up the hills. I even put the chain back on the chainset without getting off the bike. I was able to accelerate up the hills and had good energy right to the end of the ride.

My legs do feel tired after the ride and walking downstairs is difficult. I have my compression stockings on and I have eaten well. My recovery from this ride is very important as it will optimise the gains I have got from it.

My coach says this could be my longest ride before the race. He thinks I should do more intense shorter rides.  I have a busy schedule leading up to the race and my midweek rides will be crucial. I am concerned the hill climbing in Surrey is not as intense as in Portugal. I am interested to see how my leg strength is in the race with training now focussed in Surrey.

I will be getting the rest of my training plan from my coach and I will post this in my blog. There is only 4 weeks left and I am looking forward to tapering before the race.


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