7 weeks and 3 days after the ironman

It has been fascinating being able to look back at the last 7.3 weeks and see that the tiredness I had from late nights after the Ironman was actually the fatigue which my body was still trying to recover from  the event. I felt like my body was being eaten away during the day by my super fast metabolism.

The fatigue and fast metabolism remained for at least 5-6 weeks before I started to feel better. Even now I can sense there is a fatigue factor still present in my body. I think my body is adjusting with my metabolism slowing down again.

I spoke to two professional Ironman athletes and they both said would take 8 weeks to fully recover and even then you are still not 100%. They suggested the more Ironman events you do the faster your body recovers.

I have been training in the gym the past 2 weeks and I have been on one cycle ride for 1 hour. I am enjoying the gym and I feel it is right to avoid cycling too much at this stage.

My advice to first time Ironman athletes after the race it to:

1. Recognise that you will get tired and get lots of quality sleep

2. Eat quality food and regularly because your body is still burning up energy fast

3. Drink lots of water (3-4 litres a day)

4. Rest from cardio training for 8 weeks even though your body has a desire to train two days after the event

5. Stretch the body to feel better

I am still recovering now and in another 2-4 weeks I hope I will feel even better.


2 thoughts on “7 weeks and 3 days after the ironman

    • Thank you and hope it helps you in some way. I am doing the Etape Du Tour this year. Very different training but also very enjoyable. I have learnt so much even with the cycle training. What are you training for? I am also an active Christian in London. Keep your blogs going.

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