Recovery from Ironman and L’etape Du France

It is now three weeks since completing the ironman. On the day I finished the Ironman I needed a “human Crutch” to help me walk around and get back to my hotel. My quadriceps were painful with every step and walking up and down stairs was painful. I caught a train back to our hotel, ordered dinner in the room and went to bed.

In bed my legs were burning and hot and my upper body was cold/ shivering. It led to an unsettled sleep as I was pulling the covers over the top half of my body and trying to keep my legs cool. I had an anti -inflammatory and because there was no ice for an ice bath my coach said have a hot bath. The hot bath was a pleasure to sit in and enjoying the moment was amazing.

The next morning, only 9-10 hours later, I was walking much easier without help but stairs were still a struggle. I ate so much food and that morning and continued to eat all day in large quantities. Walking around Zurich I could see other ironman athletes limping and one guy was on crutches.

It took another 2 days gradually lessening pain before I was comfortable to walk up and down stairs.  I continued to eat any food I could get hold off and I found my metabolism was remained very high, even now 3 weeks later.

Within 1.5 weeks of finishing the ironman my body felt like it wanted to train again. My mind was not fussed about training but my body wanted to keep training. It wanted to ride, swim and run and yet I knew it needed to rest. i spoke to my coach and he said your body will need 4 weeks of rest to recover and not to push myself. I have not training now for 3 weeks.

I got my bike wheels back this week and I will be putting them on the bike tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting on the bike and working my legs. After doing the ironman I think training in the gym alone would no interest me. I feel I want another challenge to give me focus for my training.

I all looking at cycling as a sport I would like to improve. I do not want to do another ironman and my swimming and running are not as enjoyable as cycling. My coach said I could make a good cyclist so I am now looking at the Le’tape du France as a challenge for next year.

I will focus on treating ironman athletes as a physio and become a specialist in this sport. I will do shorter triathons as I think this is a sport where injuries occur frequently and the athletes need immediate care and results to achieve their goals.

I will do the Le’tape du France 2011 and learn about the cycling mechanics and how to help people improve in this sport. I can learn the injuries that can happen and the biomechanics of the sport.

Today will be my first training session. I plan to run and swim a short distance and relax the rest of the day.


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