Last two weeks training plan before Ironman

Just two weeks to go. This is taper time, we aren’t improving fitness here but just maintaining what we have gained. All the work outs will be set as race pace unless I state otherwise. Healthy meals, carbo loading and hydration are first priority now.

Mon 12 july  off

Tues 13 july bike ride as 15-20mins easy spin then 2 laps to Richmond park in your aerobars at your race pace (rp), finish with at 30min run 1-2k/h faster than your rp (for example if you aim to run at 11k/h try 12 or 13k/h)

Wed 14 july  wetsuit swim practice as 3x200m accelerations, faster than rp. Keep a faster speed for the 160-180m approx. and then back off to rp (1min) The meaning of this session is to practice the race start as you will need to try to swim faster to find open water.

Thurs 15 july  1h rp run

Frid 16 july Kingston hill repeats, ride one easy lap as wu then 4 climbs recovering on the downhill.

Sat 17 july  off

Sun 18 july  2h bike ride as 30min easy/1h race pace in aerobars/30min easy

Mon 19 july  30min easy run, visualize while running.
Pool swim as 200m wu/5x100m accelerations faster than rp (30sec)/ 200m cd

Tues 20 july  ride two easy laps in Richmond park, visualize while cycling. Get the bike to Sigma to check up gears and breaks but it will need to be ready for tomorrow, thursday the latest. They should be able to do it in the same day, you may want to do this also after sunday bike ride just in case.

Wed 21 july  time to pack, the best way is to make a list and once you’re packing it tick it, and don’t forget the list!

Thurs 22 july  flight, no training today. We have some work outs fri the 23 and sat the 24. Relax


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