Getting over the pain of training

This week was horrible at the start and then got better. The swim was almost 2km and the long run was 2hours, both at race pace. I pushed myself along and in both training sessions I felt awful. I exhausted myself and the thought of doubling these times in the Ironman seemed a long way off.

After the 2 hour run I spoke to my coach Fran as I finished it at a turtles pace. My hamstrings felt like they did after the Cornwall Middle Distance triathlon. I was concerned and I wanted to rest for the next run. Fran said NO. These were the important weeks if my training and every session had to be done.

I asked him about race pace and after listening to his explanation I realised I was going too fast. Race pace meant at the speed I would swim 4km, cycle 180km and run a marathon. This was a whole lot slower than I was doing and it explained why I felt so awful after the first two training sessions.

I massaged and stretched my legs and continued on with the training plan. Thank goodness my body felt better as I continued to train. The interval run was comfortable because I slowed my race pace down. The 3.15 hour bike ride followed by a 30min run also was comfortable for my body.

Understanding my own race pace was a huge distinction for me to make this week. Fran says when doing an Ironman if you push too hard too early you will not have a good run. This means riding smoothly and easy on the bike and then running at my own race pace. He said many competitors will pass me early in the race but at the end of the race they will drop off and struggle. He knows my weakness is my run and therefore stresses race pace training.

The next two weeks are my longest distance training sessions. I will be swimming 4km, running 2.5 hours and swimming 5 hours next week. I am still enjoying the training and feel my body is adapting well. Having mineral solution has eased the tightness in my legs. Alkalising my body allows me to push harder and my heart rate can go higher.

Let see how next week goes…


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