Swimming 1500 and weight training assessment

Tested myself in the swimming this week with a 1500 metre swim for the first time. I went to the Putney Leisure Centre which has a 33 metre pool. The first 8 lengths of the swim were horrific. I had practiced swimming in a 17.7 metre pool which made 33 metres very tiring. My technique and breathing fell apart and I wanted to give up.

The reason I did not give up the swim were the words of my Coaches girlfriend, ” the first 8-10 lengths will be hard but after that it gets easier”. I kept swimming and my breathing eased. My technique got worse and  I was breathing every 2nd stroke instead of 3rd stroke. My goggles were filling with water and I had to stop to empty them from time to time.

I counted the lengths I completed in my head. 5..10…15…20..25…I found the lengths passed by very quickly. My arms were tiring and my fingers started to cramp as I was holding them so tightly together. By length 40 I knew I was going to complete the 45.5 lengths which made 1500 metres.

On completing the 1500 metres I sent my coach a text….

“Fran did swim. Not great. Thought I would have to stop at 8 laps. Guts it out and got better. Fingers cramped trying to hold them together. Fatigued Lats from weight training yesterday. Did not feel good form and  technique went to pot. Goggles kept filling with water and had to stop occasionally to empty them. Good points are, finished it and breathing not bad towards the end. Going to join Putney pool as have to get in longer lengths. Got to talk to Emile (swim coach) about these issues. R”

I want my technique to improve and also to feel natural when I swim. I am going to join Putney Leisure Centre to swim longer lengths. Fran said I will be fine as I am swimming 2 km when I add the distances I am swimming with all my drills. If I can swim 2 km I can add another 1-2 km easily. He makes it sound simple. It is up to me to make it happen.

Had a review of my gym training. We are shifting to power training. I have cable woodchops, single arm swiss ball dumbbell press, Clean and push, PLanks on swiss ball, upper body extensions on swiss ball and jack knifes with swiss ball.

The next month of training is going to pick up now. Fran is taking me out next weekend for a ride to Surrey. Looking forward to some variety on the bike course.


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