Week 23: learning as I go and fitting in training

This last week has been a test of my endurance. I have just finished a physio course this weekend and managed to get all my training in for the week. When I have a course on all weekend I can not take my time with my training or rest afterwards. I know I have another 3 weekends of courses before the ironman and it does not do my head any good thinking about what those weeks will involve with training and work.

In the last two weeks I have had little things happen as I have been traning and each time I am  learning  how to fix the problems. On a three-hour ride the crank and pedal came loose. I stopped at a bike shop in Putney and it was fixed with an 8mm Alan key so I bought one in case this happens in the future. The  light on my bike fell onto the road as I  rode over bumps and now I  know to check it is on properly before I ride. The levers that secure my wheel to my bike came loose and so I do a bike check before I ride to Richmond Park.

There are many things that happen when training and it continues to change every week. Being adaptable and flexible is a key to making life manageable with training. I tell myself I must stop taking on social events and from now until July my weeks and weekends have been planned. I like my weekends being free of commitments to rest from training, work and recovering for my long bike rides.

I spoke to Fran (Coach) and he has is now worried about my running as I have not run outside since my injuries. This week I did run to Battersea Park and I discovered the track around the Park had flat surfaces. When the surfaces are sloped it irritates my ITB friction syndrome. Good to know I can run on good surface and it is close to work.

My body is adapting to the training. I can ride up the hills in Richmond Park seated on the bike and breathing easily. It was great to run outside and this will be my focus to improve. It freaks me out a little knowing how many weeks I have remaining before the event. Time to put in harder training.

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