Week 24: fitting in with life

This week has been really busy at work and getting in the training means being very organised. I work and then train and then work and then train again. It is not long distances yet however the routine of what I am embarking on is fast becoming a reality.

I knew I had Valentines day coming up this weekend and although training is a top priority I wanted to have sunday off so I did my long bike on the Saturday. To allow me to complete all my weeks training in the first 6 days I did my run and friday cycle training all on Thursday.

Thursday was a long day and I did not get to sleep until 1.30am as I was too awake after completing my bike session so late at night. Today I finished my 3 hour bike. The bike felt good and as I was training alone so I pushed myself faster through the last 3 laps of Richmond.

The problem with going faster on the bike means I must do more laps to complete the 3 hours on the bike. Not sure if going faster is better after all. My legs are feeling good again and I am reluctant to weight train  as it causes injuries each time I push myself hard.

I can see I am losing weight with the increase in training and without adequate sleep my body is starting to suffer. Sleep is getting less and this has to change.

All the bike  kit I have bought for the Ironman is paying off. It feels comfortable and allows my body freedom when I move.

This week my goggles have leaked. When I breathe the water seeps in. The more practice of long swims the sooner I will work out which pair of goggles works for me. My swimming is still not great. and I can not swim to the tempo trainer for longer without getting tired and losing my technique. The frustration kicks in even more when I get to the end of the 20 meter pool and lose my timing as I need to turn so soon. Apparently there is a 50 meter pool in Chiswick I could use so got to check this out on the web.

At the moment I am enjoying motivated about the training. I look forward to the sessions and want to improve. The distances are getting longer and I know the work I put in now is what will make my race day easier.

My friends have confirmed their flights and accommodation in Zürich. It means a lot to me to have them there and  to celebrate the end of the race. It does give me a reason to train hard so I do not let them down and they enjoy my success.

Next week I have a physiotherapy course to attend on the weekend. I plan to do the long ride on Thursday morning and run after the course. There is a fine balancing act to play with work and life and training. I can not afford being flexible in the coming weeks as I need to rest between training sessions now.


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