Health phase of training prescribed by nutritionist and swim training schedule.

Been trying to eat 6 x day as my nutritionist recommended. I went and bought a rice cooker and a slow cooker in an attempt to save time and eat quality food. I made sushi on the weekend and made the rice too Gelatinous but still ate it and my friends enjoyed it. Last night used the slow cooker for 8 hours. This morning ate it for breakfast and it taste great. Had Chicken with vegetables in a chicken stock.

Eating six times a day and drinking 3 litres of water a day does require organisation and having the food available in the kitchen at work. I have Two 1,5 litre bottles of water with lemon juice in them sitting in the fridge. I have have snacks like rice cakes and rye crackers with bananas for snacks and now I must get good carbohydrates and protein to eat as main meals. The trick is having variety and also having food which is fast and easy to prepare. I find I get hungry after 8pm and do feel like eating carbs after 3pm. I think I have not got the balance right in food yet to stop the hunger feelings.

I will try eating more carbohydrates in the morning and for lunch and then try protein and salads in the afternoon and dinner. If I do more exercise like yesterday I find I am hungry in which case I am eating as I feel my body needs it.

Sleep is an issue for me as I am in a habit of going to bed late. This is especially true when I am out with friends. If I have a late night out it upsets my sleep cycle for the beginning of the week and with work it takes time to recover. I am have got my Anti oxidant juice Monavie, Udos oil and multivitamins to take each morning and now I must organise my sleep.

I do have opportunities to go to sleep early but I mentally want to do more things and go to bed later. I am going to buy a new Tempur Mattress because my current mattress is hard to lie on and I find I wake up with a sore shoulder. I hope this will help me sleep deeper and longer. I have cleared my diary of social activities from now to xmas so I can put events in that I feel fit with my sleep cycle.

I can cope better at work and with life if I get adequate sleep. I am fed up waking exhausted in the morning and not enjoying the day. This Ironman has made me make positive changes in my life that I would not have done otherwise.

My training schedule has evolved. I have have swim sessions to fit in after the assessment from Emile. The schedule will look like this

1 Hour Technique Sessions:

1 – Identifying drag, focus on kicking, rotation, breathing & streamlining (200m)
2 – Review 1 and focus on arm recovery (400m, 1min rest between 200s)
3 – Review 2 and focus on timing of stroke (600m, 1min rest between 200s)
4 – Review 3 and focus on catch (800m, 1m rest between 200s)
5 – Review 4 and focus on underwater pathways (wetsuit optional) (1,000m, 1m /200m)
6 – Review 5 and prepare for race condition swimming; sighting, drafting, positioning, starts and finishes, vascular shunting (wetsuit optional)

Fran has me increasing my weights. I have developed a clicking on my right knee cap with deep squats. It can happen sometimes and not others and I think it is my biomechanics as I squat. When I feel the movement is awkward the clicking occurs. The strength training has made  big difference to my bike strength and I am enjoying the hard workouts. I can push more but I am making sure I keep good technique with all the exercises.

Fran and I have decided on doing a UK half Ironman and also doing a training camp in Provence, France. I will book these and we are putting the calendar together nicely. I have been invited to train with Debbie Shaw, winner of  age group  Forestman this year once I get some mileage in the legs. I want to connect with more triathletes and build a great network of friends.

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