First training swim and technique assessment.

Fran took me to the pool today and ripped my swimming technique apart. He discovered I was very weak through the pull phase of the swimming stroke, I did not have enough body roll and my hands were crossing in the midline. My legs were too low in the water and my kick was too weak. When I went to breathe I was lifting my head right up out of the water and creating drag which was slowing me down.

We did two drill using a buoy and a kick board. He made me focus on more body rolling and pulling my arm past my thigh. I had to relax my shoulder as it came out of the water and get more body roll. This allowed my head to rest against my arm and create less drag. My kick had to come from my hips and it helped raise them out of the water.

I found the kicking tiring and if I have to swim like this for 3.8km I would not make it at this stage of my training. The swim session highlighted the importance of technique and in the swimming this is what will create the speed. Fran reinforced to me… “Rhys slow your self down and focus on technique”.

I think I will get into the pool and prctice what Fran has said and also get some DVD’s or books on swim technique so I can see it myself under the water. I would like to get something from a leading swim coach or swimmer in the world.

I bought a pair of goggles  today. They were on tight and uncomfortable around the eye sockets. I may consider buying the mask to swim in as the goggles can get kicked off at the start of the race.

Unfortunately Fran has had to pull out of the taking me to the bike shop this Thursday. It will wait for another 2 weeks. I had a fellow Triathlete recommend for buying triathlon gear and he gave me the triathlon 2020 back page and showed me an advertisement for a bike box at £150.

I can see I must be super organised to get through this. Work and social life and anything else I do must be balanced and on a tight time schedule. I want to train well so on race day I can enjoy it and along the way learn the best possible technique that I can.


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