Planning other races.

Today I spoke to a fellow ironman athlete who is wanting to do the Austria half ironman 2010. Fran has advised me that the only other race I need to do before the ironman is a half ironman and the Austria race would be good as it has hills in it. I want to do an overseas race so I get accustomed to travelling with my kit and racing after travel.

I checked the website and the half ironman course is different to the full ironman course n Austria. I want to find out where the venue is in relationship to an airport, will I need to rent a car and drive there, will there be hills on the course for me to ride?  I have emailed the staff for further advice.

I am not interested if it requires I drive and rent a car. It is not worth the hassle. Fran keeps mentioning the Barcelona half ironman. I will be checking this out next.

I got confirmation from Dr Justin Roberts that he can see me at the end of August. He also used to be a physiologist for the England Institute of sport. I can kill two birds with one stone. I am excited to learn how he can help me.

I checked out equipment on the internet and mainly came across American websites. There is more range of equipment in America and it costs much less. I will compare prices and see which is the best way to purchase my equipment. Looking to buy winter biking kit, wet suit, Bike travel case, swimming resistence kit, tri suit and running gear. I did find out about body lubricant that reduces friction when taking off the wetsuit. Also found balaclavas and socks that go over the cycle shoes. These socks will be a must as I remember cycling in winter and my feet freezing.

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