First meeting with Ironman coach Fran.

Met with Fran yesterday for the first coaching meeting. He has outlined the equipment I must pruchase for the training. I have a Felt racing bike but if it is uncomfortable on the long runs I am to change it. 180km of pain on the bike does not sound enjoyable. He has a shop in Barnes for me to visit. We will be going next weekend. He wants me to look for winter training gear for the bike, Racing triathlon clothes, Swimming floats and paddles, goggles and wet suit. I have shoes and orthotics coming from New Zealand.

He emphasised the importance in this phase of training is strength and to prepare my body so as to avoid injuries. I get biateral ITB syndrome on both knees when I run on the road therefore  I am working on hip mobility, strengthening my posterior gluteus medius, Massaging the ITB’s over a foam roller and doing  pilates to improve my motor control training and proprioception when I run.

Today I did two sessions in the gym. A running session with stretching of ITB’s and thoracic spine over the foam roller and Figure 4 stretches for the hip joints. My gluteal muscles were more active post session and I felt freer through the hips. I also did a weight session for my chest.

Fran discussed the importance of nutriton and I have arranged to see Dr Justin Roberts a nutritional expert for endurance events and an ironman himself. I am waiting for feedback on a physiologist to see.

I have timetabled my week for training and work. I have 2 hours each day from Monday to Friday and 4 hours on Saturday to train. The goal at the moment is to get back into all disciplines slowly. I went for a run on the treadmill for 15 minutes today and will start swimming this week as well.

The plan is to meet Fran at LA fitness Gym South Kensington next Tuesday and he will look at my swimming technique and get me on a strength- sport specific training program. I will be focussing on technique first in the training program.

I know I will need plenty of rest to recover. I am planning a holiday to South America in December for 2 weeks. This will be added into the program.

I do not usually  research equipment I buy. This time I will start researching so when I go to the shop I know which is the quality equipment I want.


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