Entering the Switzerland Ironman 2010, August 1. www.physical-edge.com

Physical Edge specialises in the treatment of triathletes of all levels. It has entered Rhys Chong into the Switzerland Ironman 2010 on August 1. The following Blogs will describe the process Rhys goes through as he takes on this event in one years time. The purpose of the event is to help Physical Edge better treat its clients by understanding the training and competing demands on an Ironman athlete.

Rhys…..It has been exciting to enter the event at last. When the money was been paid and the email confirmation came through I realised it was actually going to happen. I immediately told 6 of my friends. I needed the help of my friend Fran to fully commit and enter the event. Fran is a personal traininer, ex military and a consistent ironman competitor over the past three years. He helped describe the training that was involved and that it was possible for me to do it with a year of preparation. He has accepted the responsibility of coaching me. Fran called to check I entered the event and he made sure I did not miss entering as these events are full within 1 -2 weeks. I wanted to enter the Frankfurt or Austria Ironman events as they are flatter courses but they were fulll within days. The Switzerland Ironman has some hills in the bike leg but the run is a flat course.

Running is my weakness and an easy course for the marathon would help me in the race. For those that do not know the event is a 3.8km swim, 180km bike and 42km run (marathon).

I have found the support from my friends really encouraging. Many have said they will come to the event to support me. This would really help me on the day and also calm my nerves.

My first step has been to get a plan. I want to find a mentor. Someone who has been successful at the highest level in Ironman events. I want to see a nutritionist at the england institute of sport and also get tested for a trianing plan by a physiologist.

My bike was fitted at Cylce fit but it is not 100% comfortable. I rode the London to Brighton bike ride (90km) on it 5 weeks ago and it was ok. I will see how I go on the longer rides and if it is uncomfortable I will invest in a fitted bike probably at cycle fit. I currently have a Felt racing bike.

My brother, Justin, is a podiatrist and he has assessed my feet and will be shipping me orthotics and running shoes from New Zealand. I have also started pilates as I get bilateral ITB Friction syndrome on both knees when I run long distances. I am rolling the ITBs on a foam roller in the gym.

I think having a clear precise plan for the training will help me get focussed. I have booked two training camps in Lanzarote where they have purpose built training facilities for triathletes. These will happen in May and June of 2010.

I plan to use the community on the ironman.com website to gather further training tips and I will be joining the Ful-on triathlon club to help with my training through the winter months.

The support I have around me will help me get over the long hours of training alone.


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